Lumos cocktail bar was founded in 2015 by Qifan Li and Orson Salicetti with the mission of introducing baijiu, China's national spirit to the West.

Baijiu is the world’s most selling spirit from China. Its literal translation is "white wine", baijiu is a clear spirit distilled typically from sorghum grain (wheat, barley, and millet can be used as well) that contains 40-60% alcohol by volume.  
Much like whiskey in the United States, the grains used for baijiu are mostly dependent on a region's local grains production.  Baijiu in Southern China often employs glutinous rice, while Northern Chinese varieties may use wheat, barley, millet, or even Job’s tears instead of sorghum.

At Lumos Bar we are presenting Baijiu in a modern way by honoring its ancient Chinese history and drinking culture.
All Lumos cocktails are crafted with fresh seasonal fruits and premium ingredients, in order to serve ourcustomer the best cocktail.